How do I book you?

Fill out the booking form on our Contact Us page or contact us directly at cirquedelight@gmail.com

What is poi?

Poi is an art form that originated with the Maori in New Zealand. The Maori would swing balls on cords while dancing to music, possibly as a means of increasing strength and flexibility. The art of poi has evolved and diverged from its roots as people have become aware of all of the possible patterns that can be made with something as simple as two balls on cords. Poi also evolved as an art when it became married to the element of fire. Special poi were developed that could be lit on fire allowing the dancer to, in essence, paint the night sky with fiery patterns and trails of flame. For more information on poi spinning, go to HomeOfPoi.com

What is partner poi?

Partner poi is a more recent innovation in poi spinning in which two or more spinners create patterns together, often intertwining their poi and spinning around each other. This becomes particularly exciting when fire is added to the picture.

What other props do you use besides poi?

Each of our shows varies, but, in addition to poi, we also incorporate staff, double staff, hoop, fans and rope dart into our shows. Some shows include fire breathing, eating and contact fire as well.

Where do you perform?

We mainly perform in the New England area but are available to perform anywhere in the world.

Do you perform during the day?

Yes. Darkness is ideal for viewing fire shows, but the fire still looks very impressive during the day.

How long are your shows?

We customize the length of our shows to fit your needs.

What are your rates?

Our rates are based on a number of factors: e.g. length of performance, type of performance (choreographed show or roving), travel distance. For a quote, please fill out our Get A Quote page or contact us at cirquedelight@gmail.com

What kind of space do you need for performing?

For outdoor shows, we require an area of at least 10 feet by 10 feet with a height clearance of at least 15 feet. Acceptable surfaces include but are not limited to: grass, brick, stone, wood and concrete. Performance area should be free of holes, debris, broken glass and other hazards.

Can you perform indoors?

We can perform with fire indoors given permission from the venue, permits from the local fire department and fulfillment of a stringent set of criteria for the performance space. For venues that do not allow indoor fire shows, we perform with LED (or glow) props. Please see our Glow Shows page for images and video of LED props in use.

What are your safety practices?

Safety is our number one priority, and we adhere to a very strict set of safety protocol. Our protocol address the safety of the audience, venue and the performers. A detailed outline of our safety practices is available upon request.

Do you provide your own music?

We do provide our own music. We can either work with a DJ at your event or bring our own PA system.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have fire performer’s insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency.

If a you have question that you would like answered please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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